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The Makings of a Great Vendor

We have all been there, you're newly engaged and it's time to begin planning. You grab a fresh hot cup of coffee, your new planning notebook and your sitting down to plan your dream wedding. First thing you do is visit The Knot and Wedding Wire and suddenly you're over whelmed with thousands of vendor options. From hundreds of Planners, Photographers, Videographers, DJ's and Florists your head is spinning and you're starting to feel like giving up. Many of these vendors may seem very similar at first glance and there are so many vendors you don't even know where to begin. Do you choose the vendor that has the prettiest pictures? Or should I choose the vendor with the most reviews? Is the best route cheapest price?

Although it's a intimidating process there is one key value to remember while picking out your vendors. Yes budget is important, but more importantly are your vendors the perfect vendors for you. It may be difficult to tell at first, but once you have had your initial conversation with the vendor you will understand whether your vendor is the best fit for your wedding.

It is important to have a vendor on your team that will provide you with the services that you need but that also makes you feel comfortable and excited about your decision! The perfect fit will feel like that pair of well worn jeans that just slides right on. No matter how often you wear them, you know they wont rip or tear. You know they are the comfiest pair you own and you're not sure why you even tried on the other pair when you always go back to your favorite one.

Once you've chosen the right vendor you will feel like you've not only gained apart of your wedding team but a close confidant who you can trust and rely on. They will be prepared to handle any situation that arises and make your dreams become reality! Trust your gut and choose the vendors your heart tells you to. After all trusting your heart has gotten you this far!

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