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Remember Him in the Details

Its the big day you've been waiting for! Of course it's all about the Bride, but there is one person who often gets overlooked. The Groom. It's easy to forget that even though you've been dreaming of being a bride your whole life, he's been dreaming of marrying you!

It is important while making your plans to remember him in the details. He may not be able to tell you the difference between a nosegay and a bouquet, but give him some options on personalized details and he will be sure to give you his perspective.

While planning your every detail think of some personal touches that will be sure put a smile on his face.

Our handsome groom Matt Logue was perfectly involved in the planning process. He may not have known the first thing about how to plan a wedding, but he did the perfect job giving his bride his opinion. He took the advise from his fiancé Mackenzie all while giving his personalized touch! We just love the details that were incorporated in their wedding and what a difference it makes!

We may not understand why they like the things they do, but we love and respect our partners enough to include them in any way we can. Whether it's a specific grooms cake, pictures including their favorite band memorabilia or football accents we can incorporate there personalities into their wedding day. After all it's their big day too!

Our Beautiful Photos are all in thanks to Beauty and Beard Photography! They did such an amazing job capturing the personality of this beautiful and fun wedding! You can see more of their incredible work at or on Social Media:

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