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Happiness, It's a State of Mind

I'm not gonna lie, planning can be stressful. Just when you think you have everything lined up a curve ball is thrown your way. The best way to ensure you have a stress free wedding day is to remember a very important detail, at the end of the day you will be married.

It's is easy to get caught up in the silky petals of a perfectly picked white rose or the stunning details on your designer details. These aspects matter to you and that's important to remember, but if something changes or the budget no longer allows for an extra expense, don't panic. The best thing to remember is you will still be standing side by side with the love of your life at the end of the day.

Once you remember this, relax and focus on the perfect alternative. Sure you may not have exactly what you planned but with a little research you can find an alternate option that will fit your dreams. Relaxing and breathing are such an important part of planning a wedding. There is nothing worse than stressing your self out of factors you can not control. Instead take a deep breath, focus on what you can prepare for and make the choice to be happy!

Whenever you get stressed or overwhelmed close your eyes and picture this; You turn a corner and suddenly you're gliding down the isle, you are so happy a tear slips down your cheek and falls to a peddle on your beautiful bouquet. Nervously you peak through your eyelashes and the site you see steals your breath. The love of your life is watching you with an expression of tender bliss and awe. With every breath you are one second closer to joining your lives forever the only thing to do is to say I Do and Kiss!

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